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    Thank for your taking the time to find out more about TLSS! Take a look around & learn how we can help you with one of the most important purchases of your life.

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    Who we are

    Two Lights Settlement Services, is a full service title company located in Portland, Maine. We provide quality, comprehensive closing and settlement services for residential and commercial real estate transactions anywhere within the States of Maine and New Hampshire.


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    What we do

    • Writing agent of Owner's and Mortgagee Title Insurance policies
    • Document preparation (deeds, mortgages, etc.)
    • Re-closing arrangements and closing facilitation
    • Escrow servicing


    • Flexible closings to better accommodate your schedule.
    • If requested, we will come to you!
    • Experienced, knowledgeable personnel.
    • Our staff will make closing on your new home effortless and enjoyable.
    • We are agents for the top title insurance underwriters in the nation.
    • Competitive pricing

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  • Learn// Let's go over the basics:

    What is Title Insurance?

    The purchase of a home is, in most cases, the largest financial commitment in an individual's lifetime. Title Insurance protects you against losses due to defects in the title of the property or expenses in legal defense.

    Your ownership is authenticated and will be promptly defended against any claims, in court if necessary at no cost to you, whether a claim is valid or not. A title insurance policy will protect you and your heirs as long as you have an interest in the property.

    If a valid claim is made against your title as covered by your policy, the title insurer protects you by bearing the cost of settling the claim should it prove valid, in order to protect your title and keep you in possession of your property.

    Closing Day Steps

    Some of the most common requirements prior to closing are listed below. These items need some time allocated to them and the closing date should not be scheduled until all received and approved. These are usually ordered upon final approval since this expense is payable regardless if there is a closing or not. Commonly these are the buyer's cost.

    • Survey.
    • Hazard Insurance.
    • Coordinate closing date and time with all parties.
    • Be punctual.


    IF THE BUYERS NEED TO BRING MONEY TO CLOSING IT MUST BE IN THE FORM OF A CASHIERS CHECK PAYABLE TO THE TITLE COMPANY. Therefore, keep in mind that you have to go to the bank. The buyer is the one that has to sign the most documents. An FHA or VA mortgage have approximately 72 documents.

    The closing may be done as a mail away. This means that either party or both will not be attending the closing and the documents are sent via Federal Express to them. This requires that the title closer or his/her processor have the party's phone number to coordinate the exact address to ship the documents to and the time frame needed to return the documents. Usually the real estate professional will find out the possibility of this situation as soon as they get the contract and will alert the title closer from the moment they send the title order.


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    Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) A mortgage in which interest and payment rates vary periodically, based on a specific index, such as 30-year Treasury bills or the Cost-of-Funds index.

    Adjustments Money credited to either/both buyer and seller at closing, including real estate taxes, price adjustments based on disclosures in the inspection, etc.

    Agent A licensed person who represents the seller (and/or buyer) and who provides market assessment, sales or buying strategy, recommends various services and sources important to the seller or buyer.

    Amortization A method by which monthly mortgage payments are equalized over the life of the loan despite the fact that the proportion of principal to interest changes.

    Appraisal Professional and unbiased written opinion of property's value based on recent, comparable sales, quality of construction, current condition and style of architecture.

    Assessor A municipal or county official who determines the value of properties for the purpose of taxation.

    Assumption of Mortgage The buyer assumes liability for an an existing mortgage held by the seller, subject to approval by the lender.


    Balloon Mortgage A short-term mortgage, generally at a fixed rate of interest, to be paid back in pre-determined, equal monthly payments, with a large, final payment for the balance of the loan paid at the end of the term.

    Broker A person licensed to represent home buyers or sellers for a contracted fee. Most real estate offices are managed by a broker who employs licensed sales agents to sell the properties.


    Cap A limit on the total amount an interest rate can be increased. (See ARM.)

    Closing The final settlement at which time the title is transferred from seller to buyer, accounts are settled, new mortgages signed and all fees and expenses dispersed or satisfied.

    Closing Costs All fees, taxes, charges, commissions and other costs paid by buyer and/or seller at the closing.

    Collateral Personal property pledged as the security for a debt. The mortgage is usually the collateral for the property itself.

    Commission A previously agreed upon percentage of the home's sale price paid to the listing and selling agent(s).

    Conventional Mortgage Most popular home financing form not insured by FHA or guaranteed by VA. Available from many lenders at varying rates, terms and conditions.

    Credit Report A report outlining the credit history of an individual which includes current and previous debts, payment amounts, late payments and past due amounts and other related information on every credit source the individual has used.


    Deed A legal “instrument” that conveys the title to a property from seller buyer.

    Disclosure Statement concerning the condition of the property for sale and the surrounding area.

    Down Payment The buyer's payment to the seller at the time the sales contract has been mutually agreed to, or at closing, for the percentage of the total purchase price required by the buyer's mortgage loan.


    Earnest Money Money paid by the buyer at the time an official offer to purchase is submitted to the seller, intended to demonstrate the good faith of the buyer to complete the purchase. Earnest money applied against the purchase price; however, it may be forfeited if the buyer fails to complete the purchase under the terms of the sales contract.

    Equity The difference between the sale price of a property and the mortgage on the property.

    Escrow Account A third party account used to retain funds including the property owner's real estate taxes, buyer's earnest money or hazard insurance premiums.


    FHA Insured Mortgage The Federal Housing Administration makes available through banks and other lenders, insured mortgages with low down payment requirements.

    Fixed-Rate Mortgage A mortgage that has a set interest rate and is basically unaffected by interest rate changes.

    Free and Clear Title Title to a property which is free from any mortgage, lien, or other encumbrance.


    Graduated Payment Mortgage This mortgage offers low initial monthly payments which increase at a pre-determined rate, then cap at a final level for the duration of the mortgage.


    Hazard Insurance Often confused with “Homeowner's” insurance, it's designed to compensate for specific hazards including fire and wind. An “all-risk home owner's policy” provides more complete coverage.

    Home Inspection A formal survey of a home's structure, mechanical systems and overall condition, generally performed by a licensed professional inspector.

    Homeowner's Policy A hazard insurance policy covering at the very least the appraised value of a house and property.


    Interest The pre-determined charge or fee paid to a lender by the borrower for the use of monies loaned.


    Lease-Purchase Agreement An agreement between owner and tenant specifying a portion of monthly rent, during a specified period, to be credited toward purchase of property.


    Market Price The actual price at which a property is sold.

    Market Value The price that is established by existing economic conditions, property location and market style and size preferences.

    Mortgage A legal claim received by the lender on a property as security for the loan made to a buyer to facilitate the purchase.

    Mortgage Interest The amount the borrower pays the lender to compensate the lender for the use of money to purchase the borrower's home. This is tax deductible interest.


    Negative Amortization Most likely to occur with ARMs when monthly payments are not sufficient to cover interest cost. Additional interest is added to principal balance and the borrower may end up owing more than at the initiation of the loan.


    Origination Fee Similar to a point, this fee is a supplemental fee paid by buyers to lenders.


    Payment Cap A limit on the amount monthly payments on an adjustable rate mortgage can increase or decrease at each adjustment period.

    Point A single percent of the loan principal, often charged by the lender in addition to various fees and interest.

    Prepayment Penalty A fee included in the mortgage agreement requiring borrower to pay in the event the loan is paid before the due date.

    Prequalification An informal estimate of the “financing potential” of a prospective borrower.

    Principal The amount of money borrowed against which interest and possibly fees will be charged. (A second meaning: one of the parties to a contract.)

    Prorate Proportionate division of expense based on days or time occupied or used by the seller and/or buyer.


    Qualify Ability of a borrower to satisfy a lender's mortgage approval requirements.


    Refinancing The process of applying for a new mortgage to gain better terms or use of equity.

    RESPA Statement The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act requires a precise listing of all closing costs for both sellers and buyers.


    Settlement This term relates to all legal and financial transactions required to finalize the contract between buyer and seller, at the conclusion of which closing takes place.


    Title A legal document that defines the property, right of ownership and possession.

    Title Insurance An insurance policy that protects the buyer against errors, omissions or any defects in the title.


    VA Mortgage The Department of Veterans Affairs has made guaranteed mortgages available through banks and other lending institutions to active military personnel, veterans, or spouses of veterans who died of service-related injuries.


    Walk-Through Inspection The final inspection by the buyer, usually in the company of the buyer's real estate sales agent, to ensure that all conditions noted in the offer-to-purchase, and all seller-related contingencies have been met. This inspection is most often completed immediately prior to the official act of closing, after the seller has vacated the premises.

    Warranty Protection provided to the purchaser regarding the condition of appliances and pictures. Often, new homes have more extensive warranties also covering the overall structure.

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    Two Lights Settlement Services
    970 Baxter Blvd.Suite 204 Portland, Maine 04103 45 Memorial Circle, Suite 103 Augusta, Maine 04330

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    Carly Smith Joyce, Esq. (Licensed Attorney in ME) Tel: 207-761-7277 x207 Fax:207-761-0838 carlys@tlsettlement.com

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  • Carly Smith Joyce, Esq.

    Meet Carly

    Carly Smith Joyce, Esq. . is the owner of Two Lights Settlement Services, LLC and is responsible for all aspects of the day to day operations for the business. Carly was born in Presque Isle, Maine and has resided in Maine her entire life. She is admitted to practice in the State of Maine. Prior to starting the company she graduated from of the University of Southern Maine (B.A., cum laude), and is a 2004 graduate of the University of Maine School of Law (J.D.), where she was the recipient of the Justice Rudman Scholarship. She is a member of the Cumberland County Bar Association and the Maine State Bar Association.

  • Kassie King

    Meet Kassie

    Kassie was born and raised in Central Maine and is proud to call this place home. She recently graduated from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts with her BA in English Literature. With experience in a variety of administrative roles, she is thrilled to join the Two Lights team and to grow with the company. Kassie loves spending her down time with her two baby nephews, Aiden and Liam, and her two dogs, a black lab and golden doodle. She is excited to put roots down in Portland and explore what Southern Maine has to offer!

  • Janene Kurta

    Meet Janene

    She grew up on Long Island, NY and has two sisters and one brother. Janene attended Loyola University in Maryland where she received a B.A. in English Literature. After obtaining her undergraduate degree she attended Hofstra University of Law. She lived in Memphis, Tennessee and is on the on the Board of Directors of MaineShare. Janene coached the Portland High School Cheerleading team and is a Volunteer at ILAP. She lives in Portland with her husband, Jordan and one year old daughter, Juliette. She also has a rescue puppy, Cody that she found in an alley in Memphis, Tennessee. She is the pied piper of stray animals - they all seem to find her. Janene is an animal lover, ex-gymnast, avid reader, and food enthusiast. Janene holds many titles in our office and helps with title commitments, recordings, closings and more! 

  • Jenilee Bryant

    Meet Jenilee

    A Maine native, Jenilee takes great pride in living here especially when it comes to real estate. She graduated with a Psychology degree from the University of Southern Maine, and has been a Portland resident since 2002.  She enjoys active living and has a passion for travel and charity. She has climbed Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu on behalf of a charity, and is now about to embark on her dream trip to Southeast Asia. When she is not busy traveling you can find her with friends or on the golf course! Jenilee handles all of Two Lights marketing, relationships, and helps grow our business! She will be off to Southeast Asia in January and looks forward to her new adventure. Jenilee past success, skill set, and entrepreneur spirit will be in integral part in Two Lights future.

  • Jennifer Flavin

    Meet Jennifer

    She has lived in Maine her entire life, growing up in Alfred on a small farm. Jenn attended the University of Southern Maine, graduating with a BA in Sociology. Her professional background is primarily focusing on client/customer needs, concerns and issues. She had previously worked for a Commercial Real Estate and Asset Management Company. She had been specializing annual budgets, CAM reconciliation and preparation, CAM audits, lease abstracting, owner and tenant relations by providing forward & creative thinking to build solutions for our clients. At Two Lights Settlement, she is learning a whole new exciting side to Real Estate. For several years she has been a part of the Center for Grieving Children Golf Tournament Committee, The Joey Olszewski Memorial Scholarship Fund, and Golf Tournament. Jennifer lives in Old Orchard with her husband and their furbaby; a rescue dog from Georgia that they adopted when she was 12 weeks old. She loves spending time with their family & friends, trying new foods, walking the beach with their dog, traveling and finding to new places to explore!!

  • Jessica Howard

    Meet Jessica

    Jessica was born and raised in Midcoast Maine. She has over 13 years of experience in the real estate field. Jess graduated from Andover College with an associates degree in Paralegal Studies. She was working at a bank and transitioned into a position at a title company and has been working in the field ever since! She has done it all in the world of a title company, file intake, title searches, processing and closings. Jessica is a vital piece to the Two Lights team and its daily operations. In her free time she likes to explore our great State, hiking, shopping, traveling and playing with her boxer, Ainsley!

  • Karen Bean

    Meet Karen

    Full bio coming soon!

  • Jacqueline Jordan

    Meet Jacqueline

    Full bio coming soon!

  • Laurie Desjardins

    Meet Laurie

    Full bio coming soon!

  • Kerry Kimball

    Meet Kerry

    Kerry has over 10 years of experience in Maine issuing and underwriting title insurance, resolving title defects and performing closings, most recently as President of East Coast Title in Downtown Portland. Mr. Kimball is currently a member of Maine Bar, New England Land Title Association and is a former member of Maine Land Title Association.

    Kerry received his B.A. from Colgate University in 1992 and his J.D. from the University of Colorado School of Law in 1996. Mr. Kimball previously worked at Stewart Title of Northern New England as their President and was Vice President at Northeast Land Title.

    Kerry will provide his customary exemplary and good natured services with his title and real estate practice, while also expanding his involvement with corporate, land use, bankruptcy/ work out and litigation services as a member of the Perkins Law team.

    Kerry currently resides with his wife, Joyce and their two young sons in Westbrook, Maine.

  • Chris McClain

    Meet Chris

    Full bio coming soon!


Thank for your taking the time to find out more about TLSS! Take a look around & learn how we can help you with one of the most important purchases of your life.